TEMPUS® Black Sandalwood Men’s Wood Watch #tempuswoodwatches




Christmas will be here soon – very soon – yeah that really seems to be sneaking up on us this year!  Anyway, I wanted to get my husband a wood watch for one of his gifts.  Wood watches are so classy and offer the coolest looks – very attractive.




The TEMPUS® Wood Watches are the perfect solution for Men’s Wood Watches.  I will tell you that although I have this for my husband – I am extremely tempted to keep it for myself.  After all – large style watches are all the rage right now for women.  This watch is stylish and unique – he will definitely receive comments about this all the time.  The “numbers” are displayed as a single hash mark in golden white.  It is made from 100% reclaimed wood from the sandalwood tree and is handcrafted.


2016100406dd476485424d4b316233f8954e0ed1d9de3ce094The face is a nice dark face of black sandalwood – this can easily be worn casually or formally.  The case is only 10mm thick as the movement is a thin GL30 Analog Quartz Movement.  Since it is wood – it is organic and bio-degradable.  So keep this mens wooden watch on your gift list for this holiday season.


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