Buying a Used Car Made Easy



What do you look for in a used car?  A few years ago my husband desperately wanted me to get a new “used” car.  I had been driving a 1995 Volvo and quite honestly was very happy with it.  But he spent every single evening scouring the internet and local ads trying to find just the right vehicle for me and then finally he found used car dealerships in hanford ca.

Finally I decided it was time I tell him what I would be willing to accept in a vehicle.  I honestly thought the parameters I set were not even attainable but at least he had something to work with instead of constantly showing me vehicles that I would never consider in a million years.

So here is what I wanted/needed:

  • I needed heated seats.  The Volvo had them and living in New England I was never going back to not having them.
  • I needed space – but I was definitely not interested in a minivan but it needed to be larger than something like a PT Cruiser.
  • It needed to hold at least 5 people.
  • It needed to not be low on the ground – I have had many leg surgeries so a car that is low is not convenient.
  • Preferably not horrible on gas – a dual cab truck with a cap would meet my needs but I would never be able to afford the gas.
  • It needed to be gas not diesel.
  • Leather seats.
  • Lastly – it needed to fit into one of our garages.  Our house is an old house and the garages are short and narrow.
  • It needed to be fast but not flashy.  Preferably a Hemi.
  • A sunroof was essential.

Another Volvo would have been great and we searched and searched at places like volvo new zealand.

Where did we end up?  With a 2006 Dodge Magnum – it is sporty, has a Hemi, meets all the criteria I set.  We had to travel quite a way to get this car that was just the right car but it has been so worth it.  There is no other car anywhere around just like it.  It is one of a kind.




Finding the car was just the first step though.  This car seemed too good to be true – we had to make sure it wasn’t.  Whenever you purchase a used car you should purchase a vehicle history report through VinCar History.  The vehicle history report will tell you so much about your potential vehicle.  All you need to run the report is the vehicle’s VIN#.  The report identifies any major accidents, title history, insurance records, theft records, lien records, identifies any potential problems with the title, and more.  By running this report you can avoid so many unforeseen problems – or at least be informed enough to make the most educated decision you can about this major purchase.  In our case, the car was pretty much all that we’d hoped it would be and we did purchase it.  Isn’t she gorgeous?!



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