Redevino Wine Aerator #Redevino



How do you get the most robust flavor from your wine?  With a wine aerator.  But not all wine aerators are created equal.  Some cause wine to spill and create a mess – some require you to hold it while trying to use.  Not this Redevino Wine Aerator!




First this wine aerator is the most attractive design I have seen yet.  It is very stylish and can easily be left out.




It arrives in a nice hard cardboard box – perfect for gift giving.




The design is a unique one hand design.  No spilling will happen with this wine aerator.




Just in time for the holidays – this wine aerator will actually add to the decor on your dinner table rather than detract from your table’s beauty.  It maximizes the oxygenation process and allows the wine to release its full bouquet and robust character – while softening aggressive tannins.  The wide top allows for easy pouring and no spillage.

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