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Large Bath Bomb Gift Set with Bonus Bubble Bath Soap #TurtugeLife



My daughter and I love spa days.  However, not only are those days very expensive and not something we can do with any type of regularity – but with our busy lifestyles I can’t even imagine when we would fit it in.




But that doesn’t mean we can’t still pamper ourselves.  We can still enjoy ourselves and feel special with the assistance of this Large Bath Bomb Gift Set.




These bath bombs are a really nice size – quite large.  They arrive in a gorgeous round gift box with attractive print all around the box.  The cover slides right off (up) and inside are six bath bombs nestled in some filler along with a jar of bubble bath soap tucked snugly in the middle.




And in case you don’t know how to relax and enjoy these bath bombs – they even offer suggestions on the inside of the cover.




The bath bombs are each wrapped nicely with the added touch of a printed sticker.


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