Kelley Blue Book Best Buy Awards of 2016 #KBBBestBuy #ad

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Are you looking for a new car?  If so, then Kelley Blue Book is the most reputable resource available.


How do you go about finding the best car for you?  What is the best value for the vehicle that you like the most?  For us it would be searching for a large vehicle – a truck or a large size SUV.  We are far too active a family and always need to carry so much “stuff” with us everywhere we go.  We always have gear and lots of it – equestrian items such as saddles, uniforms, equipment; camping supplies; hiking supplies; overnight bags etc…  A small compact car would never do.  We also always need to lug hundreds of pounds of grain and feed as well as bales of hay at times.  So a large vehicle is definitely a priority.  But, what is the best deal?




Kelley Blue Book has expert evaluators to test hundreds of vehicles and analysts who track tons of data based on sales, pricing, depreciation, insurance, maintenance, financing, fuel cost and many other data points.  All of this data is used to perform comparison tests – that allow consumers to have a valuable resource for the best deals on new vehicles.


Founded in 1926, Kelley Blue Book, The Trusted Resource®, is the vehicle valuation and information source trusted and relied upon by both consumers and the automotive industry. Each week the company provides the most market-reflective values in the industry on its top-rated website, including its famous Blue Book® Trade-In Values and Fair Purchase Price, which reports what others are paying for new and used cars this week.  The company also provides vehicle pricing and values through various products and services available to car dealers, auto manufacturers, finance and insurance companies, and governmental agencies.  Kelley Blue Book’s ranked highest in its category for brand equity by the 2016 Harris Poll EquiTrend ®  study and has been named Online Auto Shopping Brand of the Year for five consecutive years.  Kelley Blue Book Co., Inc. is a Cox Automotive Brand.


The Kelley Blue Book Best Buy Awards are designed to provide a significant service to new-car buyers by identifying the cream of the crop of all available 2017 model-year vehicles.  Now when we upgrade our truck to a new truck, we will have a valuable resource to allow us to make the most informed decision possible.  One that we will be happy to live with for the next ten years hopefully.


The awards are the culmination of a year-long regimen of expert vehicle evaluation and testing of nearly every new vehicle available in America, along with analysis of a broad swath of vehicle-related data, including vehicle pricing/transaction prices, 5-Year Cost to Own data (which includes depreciation, insurance, maintenance, financing, fuel, fees and taxes for new cars), consumer reviews and ratings, and vehicle sales/retail sales information.  Imagine how much time this would take if you needed to perform all this research on your own?  Kelley Blue Book does it all for you!  The 2017 Honda Civic is named Kelley Blue Book’s Overall Best Buy of 2017, alongside Best Buy Award winners in 12 major vehicle categories.


Kelley Blue Book is the vehicle valuation and information source trusted and relied upon by both consumers and the automotive industry.





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