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Marshcone Premium Kitchen Waterproof Instant Read Thermometer #Marshcone



Thanksgiving is next week – I really can’t believe it.  I am still stuck on not having a what felt like a full summer and before I even blink it is almost Christmas.  I never seem to get nearly as much as I’d like done anymore because the time just seems to get away from me – and believe me I maximize every minute of the day.  I almost never have idle time.




The immediate issue though is Thanksgiving is next week and I want to make a turkey.  The best way to make a turkey and be sure it is done but not overcooked – is with a meat thermometer such as the Marshcone Premium Kitchen Waterproof Instant Read Thermometer.




With the assistance of this thermometer I can make sure my turkey is served at its peaked with the most juicy flavor it can possibly have.  This not only works with foods cooked in the oven but works just as well with the grill or even stove.  I have used it to check the temperature of oil on the stove so I can make homemade donuts at just the right temperature.  It has a wide measuring range that varies from -122℉ /-50C up to 572 ℉ / 300C.




Not only does this thermometer have a nice range for measuring – it is also very precise, fast and easy to use.  The probe folds into the device for storage and unfolds when ready to use.  It unfolds to a length that is long enough for me to not get burnt accidentally.  This purchase also gives access to a free cooking guide.




So if you think there is a chance you will be stressed or anxious about cooking your turkey (or ham or whatever) – no worries, just pick up a Marshcone Premium Kitchen Waterproof Instant Read Thermometer.


The normal selling price for this thermometer is $27.95.  However, right now they are hosting a Christmas sale on Amazon where you can get it for just $13.20!  OR… You can get a special Amazon Promo deal directly off their website and the price will be $10.20!


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