Extra Long Hot Water Bottle w/ Fluffy Fleece Cover #peterpanhotwaterbottle



What do you think about when you think about hot water bottles?  I am sure it is your typical rectangular shape – but this one breaks that mold.  This one is an extra long hot water bottle.  Perfect for when my husband has his lower back pain.  It can easily wrap around his back.  The fluffy fleece cover has ties on it so it can tie right around his waist and keep his back feeling awesome.




I struggle more with shoulder and neck pain – the concept is similar.  I can wrap it right around and provide the targeted therapy directly to the source of my troubles.


This hot water bottle holds 2.85 quarts and I can use it not just for heat therapy but also cold therapy.  The fleece cover is very soft and I really look forward to using this each evening after spending our evenings working at the barn.  These bottles have a higher rubber content than many competitors which helps with the heat retention and prevents leaking.


After long days at the barn and moving all those heavy bales of hay, the heavy bags of grain and bedding and the constant cleaning of stalls (VERY HEAVY) – we often find ourselves needing heat therapy to relieve the aches and pains.  These Peterpan Hot Water Bottles can even be used to keep our dog more toasty on the cold winter evenings!   This hot water bottle comes with a cuddle soft fur cover for maximum comfort.


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