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Hot Water Bottle with Dog Cover #peterpanhotwaterbottle



A few years ago I made my kids what I called a “bed warmer”.  Basically I took a stuffed animal, opened it up and took some of the body stuffing out.  I put velcro on the section that I cut open.  I sewed a small pouch full of rice together – they would warm that up each night in the microwave and put it back in the belly of their stuffed animal.  They could hold it close and hug it all night long.  Now it didn’t stay warm very long but long enough for them to fall asleep.




This Hot Water Bottle With Dog Cover is a much better solution.  This is the same quality as all the other Peter Pan Hot Water Bottles but designed specifically for kids with this awesome soft fleece stuffed dog water bottle cover.




The hot water bottle holds .75 liters.  It doesn’t need a microwave and the heat lasts so much longer.  While in the dog the hot water bottle cannot bother their skin yet it keeps them comfortably warm in their beds at night.




These bottles have a higher rubber content than many competitors which helps with the heat retention and prevents leaking.  They can be used with hot water or even cold water for cold therapy.  The kids work just as hard at the barn so they can easily get body aches and pains that need to be addressed.  But mostly they just want this to keep toasty warm at night.


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