OfficeGYM Coccyx Cushion #officegymcushion



The OfficeGYM Coccyx Cushion is a special seat cushion made of high quality memory foam with a special design that relieves presssure from the taibone area.  This turns any seat into a much more comfortable and even therapeutic seat.




This is increasingly more evident when I need to sit for long periods of time.  I no longer feel like I absolutely need get up and walk around at least once per hour.  This allows me to be comfortable all day long.




This helps my back remain comfortable all day long and it even relieves pressure on my tailbone.




I have a memory foam mattress on my bed and have never slept better.  Now this is made from memory foam also and I have that same comfort all day long.




This cushion has a blue velvety zip on cover that can be removed and washed.  There is even a handle so I can carry it with me – such as when I am flying across country.


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