A Tablet Can Be A Lifesaver On Long Trips With Kids (Bonus Giveaway – 9 Winners)



We spend so much time on the road.  We drive all over New England almost every weekend but in addition to that we travel for work and to visit family in Florida.  All of that equates to large amounts of time on the road.  With kids – that can easily be a recipe for disaster.  But if you are prepared and have activities and things for the kids to focus on in the car – everyone can arrive still happy.


Cute little kid playing with tablet pc in dark room at home

Tablets do not need to be too expensive for anyone to afford.  With Gazelle you can purchase certified pre-owned devices at a huge savings off a new device.


Recently we flew to Florida – and of course we had our tablets.  In this case the tablets were iPads.  My daughter’s iPad was purposely checked in her back (not a carryon) and I wrapped it in clothing and placed in the middle of the full suitcase.  Apparently TSA decided to check the bag and moved the iPad from the middle of the suitcase to an outside pocket with no protection.  By the time we got to our destination – it was smashed.  It wasn’t just the glass that was smashed, it was the whole device.  There was no hope for it and there was no way I was buying a new one at full price.  Thankfully with Gazelle I didn’t have to.  For the same exact model (a slightly older one) I only had to pay $199 for a replacement.


Gazelle follows the industry’s best practices for removing data and each device undergoes a rigorous and comprehensive procedure, even if it was “wiped clean” before being sent in. For smartphones and tablets, Gazelle clears all data, resets the device back to factory settings, and destroys any SIM cards. For Macs and computers, the operating system is reinstalled and then zeros are written over all the free space on the drive. IF the drive cannot be erased, it is removed and properly disposed of.


Gazelle CertifiedTM means you’re guaranteed:

A great deal on gently used devices

No contracts or strings attached

30-point quality inspection

30-day risk-free returns


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