Longing For the Warmth of Summer



Every year at this time we start to have some troubles at home.  Our home was built in 1925 and although we keep it up – we seem to have troubles at this time no matter what we do proactively.


This year we struggled with some plumbing issues.  This was partly man made and ultimately – would have happened soon anyway.  The stopper in the bathroom sink broke – so I removed it.  Then the soap dispenser died so we picked it up thinking it needed replacement batteries – but the bottom fell right off the dispenser and the batteries fell right down the drain.  Yup – should’ve seen that happening.  I was able to remove two batteries but the third was a little more reluctant.  So my husband opened up the pipe – removed the battery…  Oh if that was where this story ended.


Thinking everything was okay, I went down to the basement to put a load of laundry in (two stories below).  The cover of the washer was soaked with water and it clearly had splashed on the walls and freezer beside it.  I called my husband who started the water – it came pouring in.  Which means – the first floor where my inlaws live was probably getting soaked.  I HATE water – yes it sure was.  Walls, ceiling, carpeting – everything was totally soaked through.


So two days later the plumber was able to come up.  He fixed that issue – but realized our heating system (steam) was leaking and needs to be repaired.  Now this would need to be repaired when the full heating system can be shut off for several days – not too easy to do in December in New England and the walls would need to be opened up.  For now the heat is just off in the bathroom – where the pipes are… Yup fun…We apparently need Gahanna heating and cooling services.   Maybe we will get lucky and come up with three warm enough days in December – we are keeping our fingers crossed.

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