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What do you do in the Fall season?  We spend so much time outside pretty much all year long.  So far this Fall season the temperatures are anywhere from 75 degrees down to 4.  I honestly don’t remember such drastic shifts in previous years but it could be that we own three horses now and I just notice it a great deal more.  Believe me you notice working in 10 degree weather a great deal more than 100 degree weather.  For one thing – you need to break through ice and deal with frozen pipes.  Ugh.




Yup we go from short sleeve shirts and shorts to snow pants and winter coats.  It is such a funny season. It is also our favorite season.  We can’t swim anymore but so many other things are much more comfortable.  I love snuggling up in my sweatshirt.  The kids love wearing layers and their hats are definitely fashion statements.





We spend our time in the Fall camping, horseback riding, playing in the yard (portable ping pong table is a family favorite), riding bikes, riding scooters and staying out til well after dark since it is dark by 4:30pm at this time of year.




We set up all sorts of activities no matter where we are.  Check out this fun time the kids are having jumping from the full hay basket into the remains of a round bale on the ground.  Far more fun than jumping in leaves, snow or water.  They can do this for hours.




There is no lower or upper age limit to the fun we have…




Yup can’t get enough of the horses – every day after school and all day on weekends…










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