Supper With Sephora – Lasagna Pizza With Mama Mary’s® Pizza Crust



Tonight my daughter and I were able to have fun in the kitchen.  We recently read the book Dex – see our full review – and we decided to have some fun.




I took her to the grocery store and gave her full access to anything she wanted to try to make.  The final verdict was lasagna pizza!  I had no idea how it would turn out but it seemed like a sensible creation so why not?!




She started with Mama Mary’s Pizza crust.  She chose the brick oven style crusts because she wanted square.  Then she basically started layering ingredients lasagna style – two layers – on the crust.  The pasta was oven ready pasta – who has time to boil lasagna noodles?  Not me…




Laying with crust on the bottom then layers of noodles, ricotta cheese (with an egg mixed in), Italian shredded cheese, spaghetti sauce (not pizza sauce) and top it off with Cabot Vermont Sharp Cheddar Cheese.  I would have liked to add ground hamburger to the layers but she didn’t want to and it was her creation.  You may feel free to add meats, other cheeses, vegetables etc… Have fun with it – that’s the whole point.




Bake until the cheese is melted enough and the pasta is no longer crunchy.  Simple!  The result is absolutely delicious.  Definitely something we will make again.





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