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Common Blunders That Are Destroying Your Hair




You noticed that you hair is getting thinner and thinner yet, you are not sure why? Every time you sit in front of your Hollywood mirror with lights, it seems there is less and less hair on your head?

Not to worry, there is a perfectly reasonable explanation behind it.

During regular washing and styling procedure, you make a lot of different mistakes that affect quality of your hair. On top of that, there are some other things that can affect its health. Luckily for you, we are here to point out these common blunders helping you restore your natural look.


  1. Constant hair wash

We love to look beautiful and clean. Women invest a lot of time into their looks so it is no wonder that we tend to exaggerate when it comes to hair washing. Unfortunately, your hair does have to be a little bit greasy. It is a form of natural protection. Alas, if you wash your hair regularly, you are eliminating this natural grease which in terms negatively impacts your hair.

  1. Too much hair balm

Again, sometimes it is better to let nature do its thing. Chemical products are always volatile in some way. When it comes to balm, it should only be applied on ends. If you start placing it on the root of hair, it will start destroying follicles. If you reduce the amount of balm that you’re using, you will soon notice a positive change when you look in the mirror.

  1. Using a wrong shampoo

Nowadays, the market is running wild. Everybody is trying to invent something new, something revolutionary. Oftentimes, this “progress” leads to bad and unhealthy products. Same goes with shampoos. On the first glance, these new sulfate based shampoos are really amazing and they do wonders for your hair. However, despite their rising popularity, they do a lot of damage to your hair. First of all, they dry it out and then, they make it harder to comb. In order to prevent this, go back to the basics and use some old fashioned shampoos without sulfates.

  1. Other chemical products

As you can tell by now, most of these chemical products do more harm than good. In fact, you should avoid treating your hair with chemical products more than twice a year. Have in mind this excludes use of dyes. All these products are literally suffocating your hair preventing natural processes and regeneration. Instead, try using products than are more natural.

  1. Overexposure to sunlight

Similarly to skin on your body, sunlight has a very bad impact on skin that is on your head.  Because of it, you may feel itchy during the summer. This is due to increased dryness. Proper hydration is the key. You need to restore natural moist to your skin and protect yourself by wearing a hat.

  1. Too much heat when styling

Hair straighteners are disastrous for your hair. They are very similar to sun drying out your hair. If you are really inclined to use such a product, make sure to adjust heat. Always start with a lower temperature and increase it a bit until you get the necessary result. Additionally, you should never use hair straightener while your hair is wet.

  1. Combing wet hair

Hair follicles are pretty fragile when wet. So, you shouldn’t perform any forceful actions while your hair is wet. In other words, do not forcefully comb. Also, use wider combs in order to reduce pressure on hair. Make sure to comb from ends to roots.

  1. Too many haircuts

On average, you should take a haircut every three months. Everything else can endanger quality of your hair.

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