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CiPU Diaper Bag Gorgeous and Bountiful – The Only Diaper Bag You Will Ever Need!



Ahhh the search for the best diaper bag.  A diaper bag that doesn’t scream baby.  For some reason many diaper bag makers don’t think outside the box.  Not everything needs to be pastel blue, pink, yellow or green.  Some of us love adult colors; adult designs.  CiPU figured that out and they do their job well.




The diaper bag arrives in its own bag!  We received the British Gray color but there are many other color options.  Whoever heard of such a thing.  But let me tell you it immediately turns the diaper bag into a gift and makes the person receiving it feel awesome and special.




The bag is padded with side pockets.  Even the handles are padded as well as the pouches within.




The zippers are all high quality zippers and all seams/sewing is impeccable.  There are shoulder strap hooks on both ends for easier carrying when desired.




This particular bag has a neon pink lining – notice it is not pastel pink.  It is vibrant and eye catching.  This is a bag that can easily be used well after baby.  The shoulder straps arrive stored within.  There are zippered pockets and many other pockets inside.  So many opportunities to carry items safely and securely.




And some surprises – always fun for sure.




Attachment options are everywhere – always a way to make a mom’s life easier.




Stroller hooks – because every mom needs a stroller to make traveling easier.




A smaller travel pouch – also puffy with dual zippers for two separate compartments.




One side has a changing pad with the same color pattern as the exterior and interior of the diaper bag.




And just when you think you have see everything this diaper bag has to offer – there is EVEN MORE!


Available at CiPU and on Amazon


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