Animated Explainer Videos – The Right Style for the Best Results


If you’re considering animated explainer videos for the marketing campaign of your company, you will be happy to know how effective these are when it comes to driving more traffic and sales to websites. In fact, based on a study, it shows that websites with an animated explainer video gets thirty-seven percent unique visitors. This just means that websites with these kinds of videos attract more visitors in comparison to those who rely on contents only.

If you have decided to get animated explainer videos, you have to know the right style suited for your services or products to get the best results. Australian animation studios can help meet your needs and help your business stand out from the rest.  The best style for animated explainer videos depends actually on some factors. Others think it’s a wise move to set apart from the crowd through choosing the style that’s unique and not commonly used by your competitors. Although it’s a good idea, it can be risky at times.

Every style of animated explainer videos may be used for different purposes, regardless of what you’re trying to advertise. But, you have to know that each one of them has advantages and disadvantages. Some styles concentrate on details, while others are more on visual.

These are some styles of animated explainer videos you may consider:

  • Whiteboard Animation

It’s the most common animated explainer video and it’s famous for some reasons. Simplicity is one of them. Usually, these are used for corporate training videos and demo videos. If you want to spread the word about your company in a straightforward and clear manner, whiteboard animation for your animate explainer video can do the job for you.

  • Motion Graphic

This style focuses on less characters and emotions, yet it’s stronger on smaller details that you might not see in real life. Motion graphic is a bit the same to whiteboard animation, but it’s much colorful and attractive. With the use of different color combinations, fonts, and various illustration styles, motion graphic is one of the best styles for animated explainer videos and perfect for startup companies that want to promote new services and products.

  • Kinetic Typography

Even if it presents information in text form, yet this style is much better than articles or books when conveying messages. When compared to text documents, the kinetic typography provides freedom to convey your message as the appearance and motion of texts can be changed in accordance to your needs.

  • Cartoons

Commonly, these are the most detailed style of animated explainer videos. Cartoons are great for paying attention to details and expressing emotions. This style is highly recommended to Business to Community or B2C companies, which will allow them to gain the trust of their customers.

  • Live Action

This style involves filming actual people. It requires set-up from camera staff to editors, actors, make-up artists, production crew, and many more. However, live action requires bigger budget compared to other styles of animated explainer videos since you will need to hire actors and crew members.

Choosing the right style of animated explainer videos can make a difference in getting the best results. So, you have to choose wisely.


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