Portable Adjustable Rechargeable Work Light


When you own horses and can’t see inside the dark stall to clean – what are you supposed to do?  The answer is simple – find a portable rechargeable spotlight to light the way and make the cleaning so much easier.



This light is 15W 24pcs LED 1600 lumens, super bright LED work lights!  It is small but very bright.  I have one – but a second one would be very helpful as you will see from my stall photo.  Two would light up the stall perfectly.  Since I have three stalls to clean each day – that would make my life a great deal more easy.



There are two buttons on the back which control the white light with low and high, as well as a red/blue flashing light.  I don’t really have a need for the flashing light but good to know it is there.  It has a built in high quality rechargeable lithium battery and with 2 USB output ports to charge your digital devices, make camping life safer and happier than ever.  We camp 6 months a year (weekends) so this light will get used extensively all year long.  It is adjustable and can be rotated 90 degrees up and down and 360 degrees left or right.  It has a nice padded handle making it easy to carry, stand on the ground or even hang.  I can’t imagine gong back to cleaning stalls without this light!


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