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Should You Be Using Twitter For Your Business?

Still quite a novelty to many, Twitter has been climbing the charts in popularity. With its easy access via mobile devices, Twitter has become a great network for keeping connected and updated with the latest news and information. Many businesses are now making good use of Twitter, but before you take the plunge with your business, you need to seriously consider if should you be using Twitter for business?

The first thing you need to consider is how you would use Twitter. You need to have a strategy in place. Those who are using Twitter for business effectively have identified the ways they can use Twitter as a marketing tool and a customer service tool.

Provide Customer Service With Twitter

Many businesses – big and small – are finding Twitter to be a quick and efficient way to provide great customer service. By monitoring Twitter, these businesses are able to quickly respond to any complaint, thank those who compliment them or their products, and answer questions posed by customers and prospects.

With Twitter’s own search function, it is easy to keep track of what people are saying about your business or products. By keeping track of a few keywords (such as your business name, product names, and any other keyword that identities with your business), you can immediately be alerted to any Twitter communications that concern your business and respond in a timely manner. This quick reaction to any communications about your business, builds your reputation for good customer service and protects the reputation you already have.

By monitoring mentions (those @username tweets) you’ll also be open to receiving direct queries from your Twitter followers and provide them with stellar service. This has two benefits for your business – it provides great service to the customer asking the question, but it also alerts all of that customer’s followers on Twitter to the communication with your business. The “@username” in your customer’s tweet advertises your business to all of their followers, and the question being asked raises interest in those twitter followers who are in the same niche or interested in the same products or services.

Use Twitter For Marketing

Although in the early stages they didn’t create Twitter for businesses, the new emphasis on news and information has made it easier to use Twitter for your business and to get your marketing message out to your following. Now, if you establish yourself as one of the providers of good niche-related news and information, your followers will start paying attention to your tweets – and that is what makes it highly feasible to use Twitter as a marketing tool.

The deciding factor for your business’ effective use of Twitter for marketing is your ability to get targeted followers. Can you find prospects in your niche on Twitter? Can you get them to follow you? And then, can you supply them with good niche-related tips and updates that will establish you as an authority in your niche?

By setting up an effective and systematic way of using Twitter, many are making very good – and profitable – use of Twitter for business


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