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Kids Favorite Mac & Cheese


My son loves macaroni and cheese – however everyone else in the family is no longer interested at all in the boxed macaroni and cheese with the powdered cheese that we are all so familiar with.  What were we going to do?


The good news is our son was more than willing to try something a little more mature – and that says alot.  He is autistic and accepting change is not his forte at all.


I wouldn’t exactly call this homemade but it is far closer to homemade than the boxes of powder.  And nothing says comfort food better than homemade mac & cheese.


To make this mac & cheese you gather up your favorite shredded cheese – two packages; two cans of cheddar cheese soup; milk and pasta.



The process is simple – add a package of cheese (we used sharp cheddar) in a saucepan to 2 cans of cheddar cheese soup and one can of milk.  Once it is all melted together, mix it up to be nice and smooth.


Boil up some pasta – my kids will eat anything as long as it is a tri-colored pasta.


Add that pasta to the melted cheese mixture and place into a pan to cook in the oven.  Add some cheese from the second package on top.  We cook ours in a pyrex style dish so there is a cover.  If you are not covering it – then do not add the cheese on top until it is almost completely cooked.  Cook for approximately a half hour on 350 degrees.  Remove from oven and serve when cool enough.



Then serve – don’t plan on having any leftovers!  However, if you do you may like to add some butter when re-warming especially if you are warming it up in the microwave.


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