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Tips for Fighting Winter Germs #Clorox #DollarGeneral #ad

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Clorox Company, Georgia Pacific, &/or Sun Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

Winter is hitting New England very hard at the moment.  We have had the luxury of a mild winter – then February came and it seems to be one storm slam after another.  But we have been getting slammed by far more than blizzards.  This year seems particularly troubling with the flu and stomach bug.  Some people have it going round and round in their families over and over again.  Schools are struggling with major staff illness, bus driver illnesses and student illnesses.

Clorox makes keeping germs at bay so easy and manageable.  We all can wash our hands thoroughly and cover our mouths when coughing or sneezing.  But even with all that (assuming everyone in your house is taking those same precautions) there are still measures that need to be taken.

No matter how much handwashing is done these germs are pretty resistant and we need to be diligent on all fronts to keep these germs away.  So far we have been very lucky in our house – we have not been hit by the flu or the stomach issues.  We plan to keep it that way with the help of Clorox.

Bathrooms are a priority – we keep Clorox ® Disinfecting Wipes with us at all times.  Tips to keep those germs at bay – wipe down every single surface that little hands (or big hands) will touch.  Faucets, toilet handles, doorknobs (throughout the house), cabinet doors and handles and toilet surfaces.

The kitchen is another very busy place – just like in the bathroom all handles, faucets, refrigerator door handles, oven handles and more need to be cleaned frequently and well with Clorox Disinfecting Wipes.  There are so many other jobs also in the house that can be handled by Clorox products including Clorox ® Disinfecting Wipes, Clorox® Clean-Up Spray, Clorox® Toilet Bowl Cleaner, and Clorox® Bleach.  These products can all be purchased at Dollar General for a fast trip and great value.

The car is another place that all surfaces should be cleaned on a regular basis with Clorox Disinfecting Wipes.  The car handles, window buttons, gear shift, steering wheel, wiper and light controls all can easily hold those germs.  We spend a great deal of time in our cars – it is important that the disinfecting process gives the car equal care and diligence.

We can easily find all these products at our local Dollar General.  That is one of my favorite places to shop – the associates actually learn their customers names, we don’t have to wait in long lines and we can always find everything we need quickly and easily.  We have very busy lives – we need stores that we can get in and out of.  Between work and school and taking care of our horses – spending as little time in a store as possible is very helpful.  Feel free to Check out the savings at Dollar General.

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