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When most of us think of Roto-Rooter, we probably picture some ubiquitous white van with a red and blue logo pulling up into our driveway to avert some water-related crisis. Well, now this most trusted name in the plumbing industry brings you access to their professional drain and septic care products without ever having to call the plumber.



Any one of Roto-Rooter’s five effective and fast-acting cleaners is tantamount to having an expert plumber waiting on call beneath your bathroom sink.


What is Roto-Rooter?

Roto-Rooter is the strongest national brand available in the way of drain care treatments. And it is because Roto-Rooter brings more than 80 years of plumbing expertise to the table, or the shower as it were, that they are able to develop products to tackle even the most stubborn clogs. The Roto-Rooter clog removal products are specially formulated with just the right viscosity, making the liquid gel better able to penetrate blockage materials and dissolve them with ease. Hair is more often than not the reason for any clog. Roto-Rooter’s clog removers contain 25% more hair dissolving ingredients than competing brands. Plus, Roto-Rooter cleaners are safe to use on all pipes, septic systems, and garbage disposals.
Their hair clog remover is the most critical in our house.  Between my daughter and I having long hair that inevitably causes a mess in the drain – then we have situations like this…
When looking to hire a service provider, most of us seek a company with a reputation for excellence. The name Roto-Rooter has become almost synonymous with excellence in the plumbing profession and the idea of fixes done right. Whether you choose to approach an issue using a professional or just a hefty bottle of Roto-Rooter clog solvent, make sure Roto-Rooter has a hand in the matter. Plus, with Roto-Rooter’s double guarantee, you can receive a product refund and a discount on professional services if not completely satisfied. That’s confidence in a superior product, brought to you by the folks who know how to send problems swirling down the drain.
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