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5 Health Advice Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2017


It’s amazing how social media can be so powerful in connecting people. With just a click, you can be connected to others regardless if they are on the other part of the globe. One particular way social media has been very helpful is that it gives people the opportunity to be informed. In terms of health, for instance, you can get a dose of tips and pieces of advice just by surfing the web.


Instagram is one of the most go-to social media sites when it comes to giving health advice because it is a simple platform. All you have to do is log in, scroll down, and get an idea from the photos and videos shared by your favorite instructors. If you’re looking for the best health instructors on Instagram, we listed five of them here.



  • Jessamyn Stanley @mynameisjessamyn


Jessamyn’s Instagram attracts thousands of followers daily, thanks to her body-positive approach to life.  She fondly shares all her yoga experiences to her 282,000 followers. Whenever she is not teaching yoga, she is writing about her yoga lifestyle on Tumblr. She wrote the book “Every Body Yoga” that encourages people of all shapes and sized to get on the mat and love their bodies.



  • Jeannette Ogden @shuttlethekaleup


Jeanette recently shared a step-by-step procedure on how to make the turmeric poached egg. Join her 184,000 followers to get more ideas about real food and non-toxic lifestyle. Jeanette’s Instagram is also the best place to get healthy baby food recipes! She also provides information about kid-friendly eats for her little Elliott Grey.



  • Robin Arzon @robinnyc


Robin wants you to get up, lace up, and sweat with swagger. This athlete coach is more than the swag, though. She had a successful career in law before she decided that she really belongs to the health and wellness space. Join her 91,000 followers to get an update about her upcoming races and her live private cycling classes at Peloton Cycle.



  • Michelle Tam @nomnompaleo


Michelle is like many of us. She grew up with chemically-enhanced “foods” and processed junk. She found it too challenging to switch to a healthier lifestyle. She struggled in getting rid of the muffin top while starving herself with real food. But everything changed when she and her husband decided to commit to a Paleo diet, which she documented on her website and through her Instagram for her 326,000 followers. She wrote the cookbook, “Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans” to give more of those kitchen tips.



  • Black Girl in OM @blackgirlinom


Black Girl in OM is definitely a space for women of color. Their mission is to encourage self-love and self-care. Founded by artist-in-residence and entrepreneur Lauren Ash, BGIO attracted more than 43,000 followers on Instagram. If you want a soulful start to your day, listen to their podcasts or read their blog posts. Their Instagram is also the place to go if you’re interested in guided yoga meditation.


There’s no doubt why these ladies are getting more and more followers on Instagram. Their personal experiences are relatable. They make working out a positive experience. Most of all, they all encourage us to love ourselves and take care of ourselves by following a healthy lifestyle.

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