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Weight Loss Success With Zija

I started a weight loss plan on Sunday – just four days ago!  I feel like my life will never be the same even though I just started.  This weight loss plan is so easy and I actually enjoy it!

This weight loss plan gives me plenty of energy, suppresses my appetite, and keeps me hydrated.  This program has plenty of vitamins and minerals and everything I need – along with a sensible diet and choices.  You can also add in Zija meal replacement shakes (Core Moringa Shakes – chocolate and vanilla bean) but I haven’t done that at this point.

I start my day with XMam – this has caffeine and provides me with energy and suppresses my appetite.  Before supper I take the XMpm.  When I am not using these two supplements I take XM3 in the morning.  The verdicts still out but I think I like the XM3 better.  There is also XMburn if you prefer that option.  Plenty of flexibility.  You just can’t take any of the XM’s together.

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The Supermix is amazing.  It is Moringa based and is the most powerful tree on the planet.  I really didn’t think I would like this drink but seriously I LOVE IT!  I even occasionally have two in one day.  No matter what I have one as soon as I get up in the morning.  My “go to” morning drink used to be Diet Coke!  Now it is the perfect breakfast drink.  It used to be just driving by a McDonalds I would get sucked in to buy a drink (I only like Diet Coke from McDonalds) but now I don’t even have a desire to stop there – not one bit!  Below are the benefits of Moringa.  It is hard for any product to compete with Supermix – it is just that powerful.  Simply mix one packet in with approximately 16-18 ounces of water – shake well and drink.  Sometimes I drink it right down but since I love it, sometimes I take a bit longer so I can savor it all the way to work.  It is like my special morning treat!

Twice a day I make myself a Ripstix Hydrate drink – again mix a pouch with approximately 16-18 ounces of water.  This is an awesome replacement for that nasty Diet Coke that we all know is bad for us.  Each serving is only 24 calories and even all natural coloring.  My kids also love this stuff and we are going through our first bag very quickly!  When I am not drinking Ripstix Hydrate I am usually drinking water.  I haven’t had a Diet Coke in days… And I don’t even miss it.

Ameo’s Trim & Tone essential oil increases metabolism, helps to manage appetites and control cravings etc… It can be used topically or it can be added to water.  I do both – it is tasty and I love it.

Lastly I have Zija’s Premium Detox Tea – this is a moringa based tea that can be drank warm or cold – at night.  It is designed to work while you sleep.  I will take this for the first time on Friday and it is recommended that this be consumed approximately 3x per week.

So today is Wednesday and I started on Sunday – and Sunday was only with Ripstix Hydrate and Supermix.  Monday I used XMburn and Tuesday and Wednesday I used XM3.  So far I love the XM3.  Today in the mail my XMam and XMpm order arrived so I will be trying that for the next month.

What have I been eating? I have given up dairy and am using my almond milk maker on a regular basis! I think it is easier to answer with what I have not been eating… I am trying to avoid all added sugar, no soda!, eating from home rather than on the road and on the run… I am trying to focus on chicken and vegetables while I also add in rice.  It shouldn’t be white rice but that is the only rice I really care for so for now – I am keeping it!  I have also made sure to eat fruit each day – several times a day.

There you have it – my plan for weight loss success…. OH – in four days I have lost 4.5 pounds.  The weight is literally falling off and I haven’t even added in the detox tea yet.

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