10 Spring Cleaning Tips – Getting It All Done! #EverydaySaves #ad

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I think we may finally be through the bulk of the wintry weather.  Yes, it is officially spring, but so far in New England, the weather is still not sprung weather.  It should be changing over any day now.  As we dig our way out of our winter shelters, our thoughts automatically turn to spring cleaning.  Once we can open doors and windows, I want to get the cleaning going…

Reckitt Benckiser recently asked me to create some unique tips for their products, and I wanted to share with you how I deal with spring cleaning.

Create a Plan

I always have a plan.  If I don’t, things that seem important tend to get forgotten.  Or I may thoroughly clean the kitchen and forget to clean the cabinet doors.  A plan allows me to be proud of my progress and ensure it all gets done.  It also helps with some of my other tips. When planning, you must list everything you have to do, including how you will dispose of all the trash and unnecessary items. During that phase, you’d be better off allowing https://ewmdumpsterrental.com/ to provide you with a dump container, which holds much of the things you are removing. You could also schedule a cleaning service like Fabulously Clean if house cleaning is something you want to outsource.

Family Involvement

I do many things on my own simply because I don’t want the hassle of trying to persuade someone to help.  But spring cleaning – everyone needs to pitch in.  #1 helps coordinate other family members’ activities through this process and the tasks.  With a family as large as ours, we should be able to get it all done…



We always focus on one space at a time.  I think we are a bit ADHD, and it is easy to clean the kitchen cabinets and get sidetracked with the carpet in the living room.  Focus, focus…

But First…

Cleaning can only happen once the clutter is gone.  So we spend a weekend working on clutter.  It is easy for the clutter to get carried away through the winter months when everyone is trapped inside the house.  It is now time to say goodbye.  Once the clutter is gone, then we clean.


Part of our clutter removal process is always to donate usable, fully functional items to Goodwill, Salvation Army, or some other non-profit collection agency.  We make many trips throughout the year for donations, and even the kids are happy to see some of the items go at this time of year.  We are all craving space.

Windows and Doors

There is nothing better than having fresh air circulate throughout the house.  I have asthma and several other medical conditions in the house that benefits from adding fresh air.  Get all those nasty winter germs out out out…

Don’t Forget

Clean each space at a time AND from top to bottom.  That means not just the floors and countertops but also the cabinet doors, molding above the cabinets, cove base under the cabinets, etc…


This is also a great time to rearrange anything you’d like to.  Perhaps you no longer like your living room laid out the way it is – now is the best time to make a change.  We also take this opportunity to reupholster dining room chairs (we do it ourselves; it is fun and totally changes the dining room space each year).


I have my list and plan, but it is completely overwhelming unless I break it down into daily tasks.  Then it becomes much more manageable and a lot less overwhelming.


Lastly, you need the right supplies.  None of the tasks can happen if you don’t have what you need.  What good would a musician be without his instrument?  NONE!  Some of our favorite products to clean are Woolite High-Efficiency Extra Dark Dual Formula to help wash our curtains and other very delicate articles, Lysol Lemon Breeze All Purpose Cleaner Spray as well as Lysol Disinfectant Wipes (perfect for the kids), and Lysol Disinfectant Spray – Crisp Linen to give everything that freshly laundered smell.  Lastly, don’t forget the dishwasher with Finish Premium L & XL (MiO & Quantum) & Rinse Aide Additive to keep those dishes sparkling clean!

After all the cleaning is complete, I use our Air Wick Freshmatic with Fresh Waters Scented or Freshmatic Tropical Flowers.  My Air Wick Freshmatic keeps everything smelling very clean and spring-like in each room well after we have completed our spring cleaning in that room…  The Air Wick Freshmatic has a constantly changing fragrance and acts fast to eliminate odors.   It can easily work in my small craft room just as well as in my large family room – it can add fragrance control to a room up to 124 square feet.  Each refill provides 8x more fragrance control and lasts up to 45 days when set on a low setting.   I can easily find any of my favorite cleaning supplies at Target.

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These deals make spring cleaning fresh and easy with every day saves, and additional coupons are available to help with your spring cleaning.


Start with your plan and prepare to spring clean thoroughly and effectively!








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