The Best Options for Heating Up an Old Home

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In today’s digital and automated age, we barely think about our heating systems. The world has come so far since the old days when our heating came from the fireplace and that’s it. However, when you have an older home, it’s important to understand what kind of heating system you have and/or what kind of system is best for your home. That’s because you might currently have a heating system that’s a bit too old and might need replacing. You can take the help of Chicago heating and cooling experts in taking the right decision.

Keep reading down below to learn some more about the best options for heating up your old home.

  • Mini-Duct Forced Air System

First up, we have a system that’s normally used for air conditioning purposes, but also can be switched over to heat your old home. The air is going to be blown through ducts at a fast rate that are not going to make much of an impact on the structure and framing of your home. And this is probably really important for you as you don’t want to damage anything in that home of yours. The tubing that makes up the ductwork can be easily maneuvered around in the framework of your home to ensure that nothing is changed.

  • The Modern Fireplace

Of course, one of the most common methods of heating used in older homes is the fireplace. However, with advances in technology and innovations in fireplaces, you can easily update your old fireplace into one that’s modern and more efficient. You can change the power source to natural gas or propane thanks to these technologies. This is going to save you a ton of energy on your heating costs because these materials are a lot more efficient in heating your home than wood. If you don’t go with a Vancouver furnace, then this option is for you.

  • Hot-Water & Steam Radiators

Radiators have been one of the most common ways to heat your home in the past decades and has still been popular up into recent times. However, there are modern radiators that are a lot flatter and super easy to install in your old home. There are plenty of ways to make them less noticeable in your house, which is really important if you want to keep a certain style going. However, they are great if you need to heat your home.

  • Radiant Heat

After World War II, radiant heat became really popular in many American households. This is basically hot-water pipes that have been embedded in the floor of your home. The point of radiant heat is to create an all-encompassing heat throughout your home, rather than at one point, like the radiator. However, these early versions of radiant heating were prone to leakage and needed many repairs over time. Modern versions of this technology have improved and are no longer as prone to breaking down.

This type of heating is great for smaller rooms like the kitchen or bathroom because there isn’t separate powered heat source required. Plus, how great will it feel to walk into a completely warm bathroom without cold tiles?

  • Forced Air

For the past fifty or so years, forced air systems have been one of the most popular systems in American homes for heating and cooling purposes. However, when you have an older home, it can be tough to install these huge systems that might require extensive work. And you really don’t want to be sacrificing all of that closet space for this huge unit. There are solutions for the space issue, which you can definitely work out with your heating technician.

These are all of the heating systems you need to know about if you have an older house! Which one do you have or which one are you going to install?


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