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Defining HER DETAILS Offers Empowerment To Young Women In The Houston Area – PRESS RELEASE



Houston Texas – Local business Defining HER Details is pleased to offer their new empowerment brunches and mentorship program for young girls and women in the surrounding area, beginning June 1, 2017.

Defining H.E.R. Details is a women empowerment organization created to help women define their purpose, realize their worth, and fulfill their destiny. Defining H.E.R. Details was created by two young, vibrant, educated and self-made ladies from Houston, TX, with a vision and goal to remind women of their self-worth. Through life-changing events, powerful workshops, personal outreach, and social media (inspirational quotes, daily topics, blogs etc.), we plan to touch, inspire, and motivate women all over the world, one city at a time. We will have reoccurring events such as our annual Women’s Night Out empowerment event, quarterly intimate brunches, and social gatherings. We value women’s success and encourage them to define their purpose, realize their worth and fulfill their destiny. 



“Here at Defining HER Details we want every young woman to blossom into who she was truly meant to be”

Defining HER Details gave their first Women’s Empowerment dinner this year the event was a sold-out affaire where women were Empowered to go after their every dream. You can follow them on Instagram at www.instagram.com/definingherdetails17.

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