Five Tips for Spending Less in Backpacking Gear


Hiking, camping, and nature trails are not for the faint-hearted. The thrill that comes with these activities can be more than overwhelming even for the most adventurous traveler. Planning is critical before embarking on a hike. This is because several important items are needed to make the trip successful. One of the items that never miss in the inventory of an adventurous traveler is a backpack.

Depending on its size, backpacking gear can entail a myriad of items including navigation tools, sun protection agents, and repair kits, among many others. Other backpacking gears can even afford to carry a backpacking tent with stove jack. Nevertheless, this important gear does not come cheaply. Here are a few tips for spending less on backpacking gear:

Shop Around

The rule of thumb when buying any item is, always shop around. You will be surprised to find huge disparities in the prices of the same items in different shops. Shopping around will enable you to find a perfect list of waterproof backpacks that go well with your budget. Start by visiting online Discount shops and find out what is on offer. Alternatively, you could wait for the numerous seasonal sales that often come up at various times of the year.

Buy Used Gear

Buying used gear can save you a lot of money. Used gear might be a little bit uncomfortable, but as long as it serves you well, then you have nothing to worry about. From thrift shops to backyard sales, you can find a secondhand backpack anywhere. Online auction sites such as eBay are a great source for used gear. Place your order with a reputable seller for a chance to acquire cheap gear. Social media is another great source of information for used backpacking gear.

Choose Wisely

When selecting ultra light backpacking gear, only choose the stuff that you will need for your trip. Avoid spending much on items that are not essential. Test your gear and find out if it fits you. Literally, wear the bag and establish if it fulfills your needs. Examine its features and make comparisons with other backpacks, before settling on one. If you are having trouble choosing the right gear, then consider seeking professional advice.

Purchase Items During Off-Season

The prices of various items usually fall during the off-season. For instance, if you purchase summer gear during winter, you are likely to get huge discounts on the items. A number of shops often provide off-season offers to offload dead stock from their inventory. This would be an opportune time to go for your gear. If you are planning to use this strategy, then it is imperative that you plan for your trip months in advance.

Use Coupons

It is probably true that you never bother to open the email coupons that hit your inbox. This is because the internet is so full of spammers and scammers nowadays that you cannot differentiate genuine coupons from fake ones. Nonetheless, coupons are a great way of receiving discounts on items. Online retailers often send coupons to potential clients who are on their mailing list. The next time you receive an email coupon, please do not ignore it. It might make a huge difference when it comes to spending less on backpacking gear.

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