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Baby Boomers: What You Need To Know?

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As I get older, I am learning so much about health and wellness.  When I was in my teens I was invincible.  Once I hit my 20s, I knew I wasn’t invincible but I believed nothing can happen to me.  In my 30s, I started realizing that life wasn’t just about me – I now had five kids who needed me.  In my 40s, life started to become a little more real – It was clear that not everyone had perfect health; those legs that carried me through every sport possible were no longer willing to keep up at that pace; hard work just wasn’t going to get me back to that ideal fitness from my 20s…  In my 50s, – I need to start taking my health and wellness into consideration when making plans –  I can no longer throw a 70MPH fast ball (yes I could do that); I can no longer do Irish Step Dancing (yes I could do that) and I can no longer jump rope for hours on end…



Baby Boomers’ Health

Baby Boomers – those of us born between 1945 and 1965 –  have Hepatitis C as a huge threat to our health.  Most people with Hepatitis C have no idea they are infected because symptoms can lie dormant for decades – Out of all those infected, 75% are baby boomers. It’s not clear why so many are infected but it’s possible they became infected in the 1970s and 1980s when rates of transmission were the highest. Moreover, going for a hepatitis C antibody test would clear the doubts in this case.



About Hepatitis C

While Hepatitis C is a form of liver disease, it is possible to live with it – for decades without knowing because sometimes there are no symptoms until it becomes serious – It is spread through contact with blood from an infected person.  Widespread screening of the blood supply didn’t happen until 1992 when universal precautions were adopted.



What Should You Do?


The majority of baby boomers don’t know much about Hep C including how it’s contracted, symptoms or risk factors – The CDC is urging all baby boomers to get tested for Hepatitis C because they are 5x more likely to have it than other populations.  It is a simple, one-time blood test you can easily request from your doctor.  It is a test that every baby boomer should consider because Hep C can be potentially life threatening.  However, if caught in time, it can be curable.  You can find more information can be found here:




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