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Améo Essential Oils and Equine Hoof Abscess



Horses cannot talk – contrary to what Mr. Ed spent years trying to make us believe.  And, since they can’t talk we are often left trying to figure out exactly what is going on with them.  This guy is my boy Thunder Fire Legend Ace – let’s just call him Ace for now.


Ace can be a bit of a challenge.  Without someone on his back he is the most gentle horse ever.  If I let him, he will actually suck on my thumb without biting it.  He finds that soothing for some reason – remember he can’t talk so I have no idea why he does this.  He truly wants nothing more in life than to please me.  He gives everyone else a hard time when they ride him, especially if he sees me.  When someone else is on him he acts like he needs me to rescue him.   Because of that behavior I had been afraid to ride him for the first 8 months I owned him.


Finally a month ago – I got on him.  He had some moody moments that first time but nothing major.  I am a beginner rider (he is not a beginner horse!) but he was relatively well behaved and I figured since all I want to do is walk – he should be fine.  Problem is he wants to run like the wind and he loves to jump.  He is a giant draft cross and you would think he should not be jumping but he loves it – and I don’t!  The first four times I rode him were fine… That fifth time though – not so much.  We were walking along just fine and out of the clear blue he became a bucking bronco and I flew off.  That was three weeks ago.  I haven’t been on him since.


After he threw me he started limping.  There was no evidence of a limp before I got on him.  He has been limping ever since but not too badly.  Yesterday, he went into the large field and after running like a crazy horse for an hour or so he could barely touch his toes down.  Lo and behold it appears he has an abscess which he probably had the beginning of when he threw me – but who knew… Again – they can’t talk even though it would be very helpful if they could… Maybe that was what caused him to not want to ride that day – maybe not.  But at the moment we at least have some clue as to what may have been his issue.


So now we move forward with treatment.  The first line of defense for an equine hoof abscess is that smelly, sticky Ichthammol ointment.  It relieves inflammation, draws out the infection and soothes the pain.  But while we are waiting for that to work, we can resort to my trusty Améo Essential Oils first aid kit for the barn.  I create this awesome immunity boosting blended oil which is a homemade thieves oil blend.  This blend originated in the 15th century so it has been in existence for a very long time…


40 drops Clove

35 drops Lemon

20 drops Cinnamon

15 drops Eucalyptus Globulus

10 drops Rosemary


This combination can be mixed with distilled water and sprayed onto the bottom of the hoof.   Mix 1 drop of this thieves blended oil to 4 drops of distilled water to spray or if you are rubbing the solution in – 1 drop of this thieves blended oil to 4 drops of a carrier oil such as coconut oil or jojoba oil.  Just make sure to wrap the foot afterwards – you do not want your horse trying to walk with oil on the bottom of their foot.  This formula also works for thrush, white line disease and infections of the frog.




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