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The Top 5 Reasons To Invest In Advanced Dentistry

If you’ve made a habit of going to your dentist regularly, then you are doing something very important for your overall health. Did you know that having mouth infections can be a sign of deeper health problems? Going to the dentist regularly can be a way for professionals to detect if there are any underlying health problems that need to be addressed.

But did you know that aside from the usual cleaning you can also get pain relief or teeth whitening? With the advancement of technology comes the advancement of research and techniques of dental care in the last 10 years. If you are looking for a more advanced oral care, here are five reasons why you need to avail of advanced dentistry.

  1.    More comfort for the patient – pain has always been the number one fear of those who don’t to go to the dentist, but now, less invasive procedures with used lasers have been invented, which means there is a higher level of comfort for the patient. Laser equipment can now be used to detect caries and teeth cleaning.
  2.    More efficient service – new innovations in dental technology allow for a more efficient process in procedures such as tooth restoration. Before, there was a waiting period between the restoration and fitting the crown. But now, it can even be done in just one day, thus contributing to the efficiency of the process.
  3.    It can be less costly – because the equipment is advanced, some procedures would no longer have a need for the patient to have multiple visits to his or her dentist. This is great news also for those who are very busy with work or other things and find it hard to schedule another visit. Because of better technology, going to the dentist is less time consuming and would cost less than going for multiple visits.
  4.    Better tools and materials used – this is true in the case for example of dental implants. Now, titanium is being used as an implant. For those who do not know, titanium is one of the strongest metals found on earth. This means that when you get a titanium implant, you are getting something that would last you a lifetime.
  5.    Better aesthetics – there are individuals who need more than just the usual dental implant. For some, attaining a bright smile would require cosmetic dentistry. Our smile is one of the things that people look at and everyone can make a good first impression with a bright smile. There are also those who get into accidents and would require reconstructive surgery which cannot be done by regular dentists.

Advanced dentistry is achieved through special training. If you want to avail of advanced oral care, you need to make sure that the dentist you will go to is really qualified to address your needs.

For those residing in Paradise, CA,  Timothy Elloway DDS is highly qualified. Whether is emergency care, dental implant or even cosmetic dentistry, he has received advanced training to ensure that he provides quality service to all his patients.

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