How can you Keep Your Music Exclusive and Original?

Getting into music licensing becomes quite important if you’re a composer and have written original songs. Plus, it will help in receiving the substantial profits as well. To cite an example, if any, show or TV advertisement or movie likes your song, they will ask a music license to use composition.

With the recession of the economy within the music industry, there has been a vivid increase in the popularity of music licensing in the showbiz world. It can be heard on radio, television and many other platforms. There are different organizations which are in search of new talents around the globe. It has become dominant to become educated and involved in music licensing.

Many talented individuals are deprived in chasing their musical career out of knowledge and the exposure to licensing. The other way is to join a performing rights organization. Every nation has its own club of composers and plays an eminent role to make music licensing deal. Be a part of such organisation or clubs to get the whereabouts of the proper licensing formats. These are high in music knowledge and the technicalities of music licensing. It can act as an invaluable source to your career – get the facts.


These organisations also collect over a billion dollars for songwriters and publishers who refer the income as performance royalties.  The stipulation is that if your music is not registered through the proper channels or licensed appropriately, you’ll never see such income.

A publisher displays your songs in the business of music. The tasks such as negotiating licensing, music licensing, and collection of royalties incorporates as a complete publishing process. A well-framed publishing allows you to develop as a composer and allow your creations to earn credits, money and deserving recognition.

Music is a commodity and is protected by copyright law. It extends the exclusive rights to copyright owners to play and perform their songs. And if someone plays the music without permission, they’re violating the copyright rules.

For the musicians and artists, music licensing has become the prime task. Pop, Jazz, Rock, Classical or Fusion is placed equally in this regard. Keeping the rights for your work is utmost essential. It is nothing but the protecting and permission for the original work.

It helps the artist the make a mark in the entertainment industry. The popularity of his creation helps him to enhance the demand of the songs from the music followers. It helps the artist to garner the fame in the music industry.

When you’re done with licensing, the chances of someone copying it would be eliminated completely. In this way the credit in making that music piece would go to the one who deserves it.


Thus, it becomes an important foundation as a part of music licensing. It is a good practice of safeguarding the work and its originality. It outlines the value and the worth of your creation. Music is important to make up the mood in your restaurant or so, but as per law, you should make sure that have the essential license to adhere with copyright statutes before playing the same.



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