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Finding a good writer can be a hectic job. It requires dedicating time and resources. You may never find a freelance content writer who is worth hiring for your project. Contentmart is the only platform in the digital space where you can find affordable freelance content writers to suit your needs. Contentmart is not a magical place; it is an online platform for connecting high-quality freelance content writers to potential clients. Contentmart has more than 55,000 writers to fulfil all your content needs. Many content writing service providers and content writing marketplaces provide similar services, but they lack flexibility, and their writers may not be qualified enough. Because of its large body of writers, Contentmart will always have a freelance content writer who specializes in your field.





Contentmart has writers from every walk of life. Freelance content writers on this platform come from every corner of the globe with their diverse experiences and ways of writing. Many writers have been writing professionally for years in various sectors like fossil fuels, technology, health, public service, education, etc.


Hiring a professional content writer on this platform is easy. It is guaranteed that you will find a decent freelance content writer on this platform. Whether it is academic journals, blog posts, or press releases you can easily find and hire a content writer here who will fulfil your every need.


Contentmart for Clients

If you are a content buyer, you can find talented web content copywriters and freelance content writers from all around the globe. There is no scarcity of talent and diversity on Contentmart. It is very easy to state your requirements and put up an order on Contentmart. You are not required to put up credit or debit card information when registering with the website. You are given two options to register as a writer or register as a client.



How to put up an order on Contentmart?


You are required to select the client option. You will be automatically redirected to the next page to update your information. You are even given the option to register with your Facebook account. You can fill your wallet and put up your order on the site. Placing an order on Contentmart is very simple and does not require you to be experienced with freelancing sites. You have an obligation to name your order, put up a deadline, and list all your requirements. Language, required expertise and categories of writing are the fields that are needed to be filled. Finalized every detail then publish your order and wait for bidders.


Freelance content writers have to accept at the price you suggest. You can check the portfolios of the writers and pick the one who can satisfy all your content needs.


Hiring a professional content writer is easy on Contentmart. Once the writer takes up the project, you can relax and wait for the submission. You have full control to direct the project. You can reject the results and send it for correction if required. You are even free to cancel the order. Within 24 hours hundreds of bidders bid on a project.


Clients can quickly view:

  • The profile of the bidders
  • Review received by previous customers
  • You can chat with the bidder before awarding the project
  • You can also chat with multiple bidders


Why choose Contentmart?

  • You can check Metrics like Acceptance Rate %, Repeat Orders %, Order Acceptance ratio, etc. before hiring someone. These details help in hiring a content writer. Any content writing agency or content writing company cannot provide these services.


  • There is no place for shady deals on Contentmart. Transactions are safe, and the Contentmart staffs do not give away your contact details to malicious sites or spammy website which will send you marketing emails. Your privacy is Contentmart’s priority. If any writer misbehaves with you, complain to the Contentmart support team. Misbehavior can lead to 30 days ban.


  • You are given the option to fill in your profile and upload a profile pictures. After the completion of a project you can rate a writer, and the writer also gives you a review. Positive reviews help you find more high-end freelance content writers. Good review showcases your reliability.


  • You can get any content to attract and target a specific brand of the audience. You can explain your requirements by personal messages or by sending a document to the writer.


  • You are not required to pay any commission to Contentmart unlike content writing services and content writing services which charge a hefty fee.


Contentmart For Writers


Contentmart was launched in India to provide content writing freelance services. Content writing was one of the lowest paying jobs in India, but it is changing as content demand is on the rise. Contentmart provides the safest and reliable platform for freelance content writers. A writer can make a lucrative amount of money by working on this platform as thousands of content buyers visit this digital marketplace to hire a professional writer. Unlike other content writing service providers or content writing marketplaces, writers and client communicate directly on here. This unique concept attracts many customers. Contentmart also registers international freelance content writers. Payments are made in both rupees and dollars. A pay pal account and a bank account is all you need. Hard working writers get verified status which can help secure more gigs.


How to bid on orders?


Bidding is very comfortable on Contentmart. The staff at Contentmart wants you to have a hassle-free experience. They have designed the platform in such a way that everything is simple, same goes for bidding. Below every order is a “Bid” button that has to be clicked. You can put up your bid with a message to market your skills. However, putting up any contact details is illegal and can get you banned. Maintain a complete profile to attract more clients. It is advised to put up your own picture and upload more than five samples to display your writing skills. Once you have $50 in your wallet, you are free to withdraw the amount.


Affiliate Program


Contentmart has an affiliate program that can help both writers and clients to earn money. If you invite a customer on Contentmart, you can get 10% commission on their orders for a year. Once you have $50 in your Affiliate Dashboard wallet, you can withdraw it in your bank account. This concept has helped Contentmart double its customer base.


Contentmart has become one of the best content marketing websites since its launch in 2015. It’s dynamic model, and easy user interface was never seen before. It diverse global writers is on the rise. Every business owner and blog owner should check this platform. Contentmart can surely offer you a rich experience.

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