Can Women Do Martial Arts?

The answer to the above question is a strong YES. Every woman must learn the style of martial arts which can help them protect themselves from any sort of physical abuse, robbed or harassed. In view to defend themselves, it is very much essential that women should go for every physical exercise that makes them strong and robust. The martial arts are one such emerging form of self-defense. But choose the style as per your physique and personality and at a studio such as Maryland Martial Arts.


One of the popular forms of martial arts is Muay Thai. It is highly practiced by the Thai people. It is

also known as kick boxing. It is taught to the soldiers of the country as an important self-defense technique since it helps them to fight without weapons if they need to get involved in hand to hand combat or have to attack sans weapons.

In this form of style feet, head, fists, elbows and knees are used as weapons and if practiced properly it could act as a deadliest style. This form benefits women in self-defense as well as toning up their body shape. Also, it helps in weight loss as a great cardio exercise.


Another fascinating form of martial arts! It is a Brazilian sport which will help a woman to become more aggressive physically. It is the perfect style for those who’re physically weak. It makes them strong and robust.

This style sometimes includes the art of using Japanese swords that teaches to hold, control and escape from their attackers who’re generally larger. The art teaches the methods to get away using fast and rapid movements using the principles of angles.


It is the oldest yet the popular form of the martial arts. Among women also, it is the common form of self-defense technique. It assists them building a strong personality and improving the body contours. It doesn’t involve any sort of weapons instead strikes and kicks are made.

These strikes are made on the pressure or sensitive points and through regular practice it makes you more alert and active. This style helps you to watch out various evil advances and intentions, builds eye contact, hand coordination and strengthen your body muscles.

My husband and daughter recently started taking karate together.  Not only is it something that can be done by either gender but also any age.  Not only do they learn karate but they also learn self defense moves and boxing skills too!


It is a Korean form of martial arts. The literal meaning is break with foot. In Korea, it is a popular form of martial arts taken up by women. It is complete package or a combination of self-defense, meditation, physical toiling and sports. It helps women to increase the physical strength because it uses their entire body. It strengthens woman’s butts, the core, the arms and legs. It uses constant kicks, which can be quite attacking and helps the women to combat the strength of the attacker.


The techniques of what is commonly known as Tang Soo Do combine elements of Shōtōkan, Subak, Taekkyon, and Kung Fu.  My husband and daughter practice Tang Soo Do at Quest Martial Arts in Putnam CT.

In other words, there are so many different styles of martial arts. To choose the best as per your personality makes a huge difference. Plus, it is essential for women to learn different forms of martial arts in order to safeguard herself from the evils of society.

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