7 Tips For Internet Safety For Families


With the advancements in technology, the internet is becoming a place where you can meet up and chat with friends and even meet new people. However, although the internet is seen as a safe place it isn’t. There are a lot of malicious individuals on it and they can all get access to yours and your family’s details through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, it is very important that you protect your family (especially your children) against the harmful world on the internet. To help you take action, this article will list 7 ways that you can help protect your family when they are using the internet.

Set Rules with your Children

If you have children using social media and the internet then you need to set some ground rules so they do not go and talk to random strangers. There are a lot of ways that your children can accidentally find themselves in a conversation with someone they may not know and it is your job to make sure that doesn’t happen. Tell them to never add someone they do not know and to avoid chatrooms which pair them up with strangers.

Be a Good Example

You probably use social media yourself and find that you can use the software relatively safely. However, you need to set examples for your children and family by using social media sensibly. This means that you should not be adding random people on social media thinking that “everything will be alright”. Your family may look up to you and if your children see you doing something like this they may copy you.

Have the Computer in a Central Area

A great way to keep everything monitored is to have the computer or laptop in a central area. This means that your children cannot sneak away to their rooms with their devices and it allows you to watch them when they are on social media.

Always Check Their Pictures

The internet allows you to upload and download pictures and it is your job to ensure your family is not exposing themselves to people who should not be seeing their identity. Make sure that you monitor all the pictures that your children and family are uploading and sharing around social media, making sure it does not give away the location of your household, etc.

Tell Them to Never Click on Pop-ups

When they are using the internet they will occasionally get pop-ups and flashing banners telling them to click on them for a free item or giveaway. You need to tell your family and children not to click and engage with those signs because they normally lead to scams or viruses says CoFlex Marketing. This also goes for competitions on social media which you should discourage your children from entering.  

Use Filter Systems

One of the easiest ways to monitor your family’s internet safety is through filtration software. This allows you to make sure that some websites are not accessible from your IP address and this means that you can protect your children from malicious and dangerous sites. Some software allows you to track everyone from the keywords typed to the activity of their social media.

Always Check the Privacy Settings

A lot of social media sites allow you to set privacy settings which let you choose the people who will be allowed to look at you online. Parents need to go in and make sure that these are set so only friends can look at their profile. You can also set the privacy settings for browsers as well so that cookies are not activated, which also protects your computer from viruses.


Your family’s internet safety is very important and you need to take every step to ensure they are safe and secure. The internet is a dangerous place if you do not know what you’re doing. Take all the necessary precautions described above and you should be fine when using the internet.

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