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The Official Halo Board – The Future Is Now!


When I was younger I loved skateboarding.  I remember the Christmas that I wanted a skateboard more than anything in life.  I knew before Christmas morning that I was getting my wish because I saw my mother unloading it from the car.  I remember to this day exactly what window of the house I was standing in and exactly what car my mother was driving.  I even remember it was a yellowish/orange skateboard with an intricate design.


In general skateboards really haven’t changed that much over the years.  I have kids from 12 to 29 – all of whom love skateboarding also.  What has changed is the variety of sizes – there are now long boards, trick boards etc… We have them all and many of them.



What we don’t have is the official Halo Board.  This board is revolutionary and not your mommas skateboard for sure.  This is an electric skateboard that can travel up to 22 MPH with 3000 watts of power and dual in-hub motors.  It is a very thin board and light weight for an electric board – just 14 pounds and capable of traveling distances up to 12 miles with a 25% hill grade.



How will it hold up being so thin and light weight?  Well, very well since it is composed of an indestructible carbon fiber frame with a strong damage resistant coating with firesafe LG battery cells!



The board is not completely flat – it has a concave design which allows for greater control and precise carving… Unlike a traditional skateboard (of course nothing about this board is traditional) it does also have a remote control that allows for accelerating and braking instantly.
When will this amazing Halo Board become available?  By July 25th 2017 and it is available for pre-order now.


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