Why Would You Need a Family Lawyer?

When it comes to lawyers, criminal lawyers are the most well-known, but the law involves much more than just dealing with errant behavior. Family law is a practice that deals with legal matters such as marriage licenses, child custody, divorce, adoption, etc.  It isn’t only the rich and famous who can benefit from the services of an Austin Family Lawyer. Some situations where you may need a family lawyer include Conveyancing Bathurst and the following:

In the event of a Divorce

No matter how amicably a couple may decide to part ways, divorces are seldom simple and pain-free. Hiring a family lawyer to take care of your divorce ensures that you receive everything you deserve and make the entire process less stressful. They can also keep you from making mistakes in your paperwork that could delay the process or cause larger problems. For that, you will find one of the best divorce lawyer services at Cantor Law Group.

When the Custody of a Child is at Stake

Children born into a marriage are an equal responsibility of both parents, and hence, both parents have equal parental rights. However, agreeing on a primary guardian for children is one of the key parts of any divorce settlement. Whether you’re suing for sole custody or trying to put together an arrangement for joint guardianship, settling child custody is a messy matter. The family law attorneys at Konicek Law have the expertise to assist you with any family law services. In such situations, a family lawyer can help ease the legal paperwork and ensure that the decision reached considers the child’s best interests.

When you want to Adopt a Child

Many couples who cannot have children of their own choose to adopt children to complete their family. Adoption is beautiful, but you cannot simply take a child home one day and call them your own. Formalizing an adoption involves a lot of legal paperwork. In addition, laws on adoption vary from state to state, and hence doing this on your own can be quite confusing. However, if you were to hire legal representation, this process could be significantly simplified, and you could focus more energy on welcoming the new member of your family.

In cases of Paternity

Paternity cases are usually filed by mothers looking for support from a child’s father. However, in some cases, fathers may also file for paternity to have a relationship with their children. When it comes to their children, parents can be protective and make mistakes dealing with legal issues independently. Hence, it is always better to hire a family lawyer who can sort through the legalities.


Children under the age of 18 are considered legally incompetent and need a guardian lookout for them. Appointing such a guardian considers several factors, including the relationship between the guardian and the child, financial stability, education, trustworthiness, and health. If you are looking to be the guardian of a child, you wouldn’t want a mistake to place the child under state guardianship or a public guardian. Hence, it is always advisable to hire an attorney who is familiar with family law in sensitive matters like this.

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    Thanks for this article, it was helpful to read. You never know when you will need legal assistance, but at such times it is always good to find the right specialist. When I was in Chile, I needed a family lawyer. Luckily it wasn’t as difficult as I thought and I quickly found Abogados de Familia en Valaparaiso which helped me.

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