How to Find The Right Domestic and International Courier Services


When you are considering starting a part time business from home, one of the most convenient options is to start selling goods online via the large shopping portals such as eBay, Amazon and Etsy.

You are able to source many wholesale products from suppliers on Alibaba that are perfect for small retailers to market.  Just have a look online and see the whole prices and then compare the retail prices on the sale portal that you would like to use to see if there is a worthwhile mark up.

Ensure that when you are working with the best Canberra courier and are calculating your buying costs that you are including the delivery costs and any import duty and taxes that you have to pay. So that you understand the true cost of your goods actually delivered to you duty paid. Then you should also calculate how much it is going to cost you to sell and deliver your goods to clients.

For this you will need to calculate the cost the sales channel you choose is charging for each order that they process for you. Then you have to add your packaging and delivery costs to the calculation, to understand what your cost of sale is. Then you are in a position to deduct all your costs from your sales and see if there is a worthwhile margin.

It is best to work on worst case costs, as these can only go down as your volume increases. For instance you will get bigger discounts from your suppliers when you place bigger order for products and packaging materials. Likewise your parcel delivery costs will go down as you become a larger client.

Many of the sales portals ask for feedback from buyers on how quickly your despatched the products, how well it was packed and what condition it arrived in. Their answers can affect how much they promote your products as they what to have repeat customers, so promote the goods of sellers who have high customer satisfaction scores.

Choosing the right courier service has a very large effect on customer satisfaction. No one wants to have a parcel delivered late, or damaged. They want to be able to track the parcel online whilst in transit and ideally have notification when it is out for delivery. The large sales portals also have the ability to reach not only domestic customers but to offer your products to international customers.

This can be very valuable in growing your sales, but again if you are going offer international parcel delivery services, then ensure you get he cost correct and use one of the larger courier services that have their own international offices such as FedEx, UPS and DHL. So you know your customer will be happy with the service provided.

One tip to get lower prices for your deliveries for example sending a parcel delivery to Canada is to search online for an authorised reseller of the larger courier companies. They can often share their large volume discounts with clients and this can work out much more competitive than going directly to a branded courier service.

I hope this explains the value of choosing a reliable courier service for your online part time business and why quality and good performance are more important than price.

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    Hi, thanks for the article! This is really important. I recently partnered with a company that provided CNC machining services, and I also needed a reliable logistics provider who would solve all the issues with the supply of prototypes and parts.

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