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Does Ice Pack Cure Pain Relief?


Yes, an easy application of a cold or ice pack placed in a plastic bag or wrapped in a towel or other protective layer is the most effective way to cure the pain relief. A protective barrier must be there to protect the skin from any kind of harm or burn.


The best ice cold pack for pain relief  must be applied for not than fifteen to twenty minutes. But you can apply it for several times say eight or ten times a day. There are various kinds of ice packs which help curing the pain. All the options are effective and you can select the best depending upon the use, preference, budget and convenience.


The Ice Cold pack for injury recovery helps in curing the wounds with much ease and less pain. Few of the common types of cold packs that are available to relief pain include:


Reusable Ice Packs:

The reusable ice or cold packs are filled with gels and are available at the drug stores, general merchandise stores, and online portals. These are stored in the freezer for use when needed and can be re-frozen after every use. For a budgeted deal, reusable cold packs can be prepared at home also.


Home Made Cold Packs:

To prepare an ice pack, put some ice in a plastic bag and push the air out of the bag before closing the same. Some people add a little water to the ice to avoid making a bag so lumpy. The bag is then wrapped in a towel or so before applying it to the target area to prevent the skin from burn or rashes.


Instant Ice Packs:

Instant or disposable ice packs have the benefit of turning cold instantly through a chemical reaction. Once you crack open the pack, it is ready to put into use. As it is prepared for an instant use, no prior freezing is required. Another advantage is that the chemical reaction allows it to stay cold for a longer period of time. The only disadvantage of instant packs is that they can be used for one time only, making them more costly.


Other Alternatives:

A frozen towel can be used as a cold pack. Put a damp towel in a freezer for 20 minutes and then place it on the affected area. A frozen (wet) sponge can be applied to the sore pain. Another quick remedy can be a bag full of frozen peas. All you need is to wrap it in a towel and apply to the painful spot.


In a nutshell, the market is loaded with a variety of cold packs that help with pain relief and injury recoveries. It is touted as one of the best and beneficial therapies in the healing process.  While following a few precautions like don’t apply ice directly on bare skin or limit the time of application, you can apply ice therapy easily. Remember not to go for ice application if you’re suffering with certain medical issues such as rheumatoid arthritis, skin syndrome etc.

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