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3 Factors Which Could Help You Decide Whether Your Roof Needs Repairs Or A Replacement

Trenton, Michigan faces and suffers from weather extremes all-round the year – from extreme sun exposure to ardent weather storms as well. Spotting leaks in your roofing might be tricky as well, since there could be problems with the ventilation system and you could declare it a leak and replace shingles inadvertently.  In .order to be as informed as possible it is best to consult for On point Home Inspections.

A thorough roof inspection by an expert roofing contractor in Trenton, Michigan might come in handy in this case, and would be easy to decide whether you need roofing repairs or a replacement roof instead. Also, followed by a free consultation and rough estimate could always tell you whether your roofing repairs are within your budget or not.

Mentioned below are 3 factors that could help you decide whether you need roofing repairs or a brand new canopy instead.

1)   ROOF’S AGE:

Assessing your roof’s age for roofing repairs or a replacement is a very important fact since it says a lot about durability and future expectations as well. For instance, if your roof comprises of asphalt shingles, then we have good news for you since they last for around 15-30 years. Replacing the shingles that sprout a leak might be preferable in this case.

On the other hand, if your roofing is at least 20 years old, then most roofing contractors in Trenton, Michigan, would recommend getting a roofing replacement instead.


Chances that your roofing surface might have more leaks and cracks in Trenton, Michigan, due to vicious weather storms are many, but there are times when the leaks are limited to a few shingles and could be repaired or replaced in no time or you could even DIY your roof repair with sealant. If your roof has leaks similar to the amount of holes in Swiss cheese, then perhaps, going for a roofing replacement is the way to go. You might miss spotting the number of leaks, so we recommend having a roofing contractor in Trenton, to do the job for you.


Let’s not talk about the warm, sunny days in Trenton, Michigan since that is a well-known fact. Replacing your roof with energy-efficient and fire-resistant roofing materials would be the way to go if you plan on staying for a few years more in the same place – this will make a huge difference in your shingle roof cost. Environment-friendly materials are not only helpful in lowering utility bills, but are also cheaper and exceptionally durable.

Deciding whether your roofing needs mere repairs or a replacement can be a tricky question and troublesome feat as well due to the cost involved. On the other hand, replacing a few shingles and fixing leaks and cracks in your roof might look easy to do at home, but in addition to patience and a few bruises due to aimless nail-hammering, the process requires a lot of knowledge and basic know-how as well.

Always remember that an expert roofing contractor in Trenton, Michigan, would not only be insured and licensed, but would also provide you with a legal liability contract and sufficient knowledge regarding the various kinds of expen

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