Equipment For Different Types of Oil Filtration


Oil filtration is present in almost every industry: automobile, electric power, metallurgy, machine building, etc. Any equipment, with wearing parts and the presence of heat has oil lubricating and cooling the whole process.



Types of oil filtration

Machinery manufacturers recommend the oil to be filtered before filling. This does not mean that they consider all fresh oil to be bad.  It means that a considerable time may pass between a purchase of oil and it installation. During storage, the oil can accumulate dust and moisture that reduce oil cleanliness. Filtration before installation restores the oil desired condition specifications.

Oil deterioration can happen during improper storage, and also in service. In this case, filtration is carried out directly in oil-filled equipment. Filters can be installed in different parts of machinery.

Also, filtration can be “rough” and “fine”. This difference was introduced because the filters were often clogged and required replacement. The solution was found by installing the first filter that removes large particles, and then the second filter to remove small residues from oil. This approach prolongs the service life of filter elements and increase the degree of oil purification.

Oil filtration with GlobeCore equipment

Oil impurities the sizes of 1-5 microns are considered the most dangerous for industrial equipment. Their quantity may exceed 50% of all oil impurities. The reason is that not all filters could remove water-soluble acids, alkalis, soot and moisture.

The problem of oil filtration requires a complex approach. It is realized by GlobeCore specialists in CMM filtration plants for various types of oils.

This equipment combines the best progressive technologies for purifying oil through multistage filtration and thermal vacuum treatment. The oil is filtered, restored and polished to like-new quality.

The CMM units are stationary and mobile. The mobile CMM unit allows you to clean oil not only in your equipment – you can also provide this service to other businesses and organizations.

Remember that pure oil is a guarantee of uninterrupted operation of industrial equipment. Oil filtration saves oil and cost on purchase and disposal. It proves to be the most cost-effective method. The longer the oil is in service, the less of its volume is disposed. It saves the environment and also helps the issues of pollution control and waste disposal.

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