The Interior Design Trends That Rule 2017


Whether you’re redecorating or renovating your home, or just looking for a little refresh, there’s never a bad time to jump on board with what’s hot right now in home decor. Keep your home looking fresh and stylish with these trends that make last year’s Scandinavian craze seem a distant memory.  While you are at it – learn how to make some architectural changes such as how easy it is to build an arch which can add tremendous personality to your home.

Tropical prints

These lush prints are heating up the runway, with labels like Marc Jacobs and Prada all experimenting with tropical designs in their latest shows. The trend starting to creep into home decor magazines, so get in quick with cushions or throw pillows emblazoned with a tropical print that you can stack on a classic neutral couch.


Forget the clean monochromatic surfaces of last season. 2017 is all about mixing complementing patterns, fabrics, and materials. You can replicate this at home by throwing a sheepskin or thick woolen throw rug over a leather couch, or by using cushions with different fabrics and patterns on the same sofa.  Tami Smight Interiors offers custom drapery window treatments and interior design in Danbury CT and the rest of Fairfield County.


Navy is the new black, or at least a hot alternative when it comes to room accents and cabinetry. Navy will blend in with most color combinations and is dark enough without feeling too heavy, the way black can. If you’re feeling adventurous, give your cabinets a lick of paint. Otherwise, you can stay on-trend by finding a print or wall hanging that heavily features navy.

Statement lighting

Whether you’re following this maximalist, industrial or hygge aesthetic this year, they all have one thing in common – bold statement lights, either as floor lamps or ceiling fixtures, that command attention in a room. Make your room really stand out with a piece of stylish TECH Lighting, with a range of color, shapes and forms to suit any room.

Metallic elements

This is a carry-over from last year that still has a long way to go. Just the right amount of brass, chrome, rose gold or stainless steel elements will make a room luxe and sophisticated. Try it out in your own home by using small touches of brass or copper in bowls, small sculptures, decorative vases, or lamp fixtures that will pay homage to the trend without looking tacky and overdone.


Greenery was Pantone’s color of the year, which cements it as a current and future trend. Pantone said the color is “fresh and zesty” and “nature’s neutral.” You can use this color in a surprising amount of color combinations. Bright green lends itself well to glassware and ceramics, so keep an eye out at your favorite stores when out shopping.

Artisanal pieces

Shops like Ikea have hit a saturation point in the market, and more and more people are looking to fill their homes with handmade art rather than mass-produced pieces. A handmade piece created by an artist has its own unique story and voice. Splash out on a hand-blown glass vase or a woven rug – not only are you getting a fabulous new piece for your home, but you’re also supporting local artists and tradesmen.

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