Ever Wonder Why Over 400 Million Men Chose An Electric Shaver?

Obviously, shaving is task that most men face every day, even men with beards need to deal with the hairs on their neck and face that otherwise leave their beards looking scruffy.  But, when there are so many choices of relatively cheap manual razors around, why are so many men turning to the Electric options.

Here are 8 reasons to go Electric

  1. Cost

While a good Electric razor will set you back anywhere from $100 to $400, it is actually a cheaper option than buying Blades.  If you look at the cost of buying and maintaining an electric over its working life, and compare that cost with buying 3, 4 and 5 blade razors continuously the Electric clearly comes out on top.  Check out this List of top electric razors.  If you aren’t too comfortable with a manual one that could cut your skin, the list of the best ProductExpert.com back shavers might be for you. Manual designs give you a fuller control however.

  1. Time

A quality Electric Shaver will get the job done in around 3 minutes. Compare this to the time taken to use Shaving Creams and a Razor, then the cleanup, not to mention stopping the bleeding from the inevitable nicks and the electric is faster.

  1. Convenience

Try getting a good shave with a razor blade on a train, sitting in traffic, even a quick cleanup before leaving the office and heading to a function, it can’t be done. But with most Electrics able to work from an onboard rechargeable battery, just 3 minutes anywhere and you are done.

  1. No more cuts

It used to be that the cuts were the price men paid for getting a close shave. Today, with both foil and rotary shavers delivering a shave as close as a blade maybe it’s a price that he no longer needs to pay.

  1. No Mess

While it’s true that many of today’s Electrics can be used with Shaving creams or lotions, for the most part these are not needed. So if shaving no longer needs Shaving Cream, and if the Electric shaver actually collects the shaved hair (instead of it being left all over the sink). And if after shave lotion is no longer needed (another saving), the bathroom mess is gone. All that’s left is an automatic cleaning and recharge station by the basin

  1. Less Irritation

Many men suffer with irritation, ranging from mild razor burns, to persistent and painfull Razor Bumps. These get worse as you repeated shave with a Razor, scrapping a blade across already inflamed skin. Used properly, a quality Electric Shaver progressively reduces, then eliminates the problem

  1. Shaving a Bald Head

For some men this is a whole extra layer of inconvenience and mess. It is simply not easy to lather you head, then shave it all over,(especially the back), without making a mess, getting someone else to help, or creating cuts. A brilliantly designed Electric Head Shaver will handle it with ease and take care of any hair on shoulders or his back as well.

  1. So Easy for Traveling

It is much easier to pack a compact Electric Shaver than to get all the gear need for manual shaving into your suitcase. Especially when travelling light or an overnighter, or meeting airline luggage limits.

So those are just a few of the reasons for going Electric. For a comprehensive guide to the best electric shavers  and beard trimmers around we suggest you visit Shaverlist.com

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