Stainless Steel 64 Ounce Bottle by Grocery Art – Ice Cold Water All Day Long


So it is a 95 degree day and we are at the barn.  The work is hard and we are dying of thirst – almost literally.  Do we stop what we are doing with the horses and make a run to the local grocery?  Or do we try to survive and muddle through it until we are done our chores and find a drink on the way home?

These thoughts are a typical stream of thoughts in the summer months at the barn.  It is easy to spend 8-10 hours on the weekend days at the barn and during the week after work – at least 2-4 hours.  There is never a shortage of chores to do, fun things to do and people to help.  It can be tough without enough to drink even in the winter months but on hot summer days it can be unbearable.  Sure we may bring a drink but guess how long a 20 ounce bottle of water lasts – maybe about as many minutes (20).


But NOW I have the Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottle (Beer Growler) by Grocery Art.  This bottle holds a whopping 64 ounces of hot or cold beverage.  It comes with its own insulated carrying bag.  I love this bag/pouch but I will say it is absolutely unnecessary as insulation.  I can fill this bottle with a cold beverage, water for example – add a little ice and it doesn’t matter how hot it is outside that ice is still there at the end of the day.  The ice may be slightly melted but it is still there and my drink has remained cold all day long.

The pouch has nice plastic swivel clips on it.  I can carry this will hiking, biking or even horseback riding.  When on a horse I can simply attached it to saddle clips.

The bottom of the insulated pouch has a zipper that goes almost all the way around.  This allows the bottle to slip into the pouch from the bottom.  It is a snug fit but easily slides over the bottle allowing full access to the bottle even with the pouch.

You can see once the bottle is inside the pouch – simply zip it up and go on with your day.

The bottle itself has a nice rubberized type of coating.  It remains easy to hold at a decent temperature even when there are really cold or hot beverages inside.  The bottle doesn’t sweat at all.

The cap is leakproof and simply unscrews but there is paracord attached to the bottle and the cap so nothing gets lost.  You will always know where the caps is.

The interior is a nice smooth and clean stainless steel wall.

Easy as can be to put it back in its pouch.

Even in the pouch the cover is fully operational.


At 64 ounces we can have plenty to keep us cool all day long – of course we each need one but we will make that happen very soon.

All our favorite features in one awesome 64 ounce growler!


Get yours today (RUNNNN) on Amazon for just $32.95.


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