The Best Accessories for End of Summer Trips

This is a sponsored post by Inspired Silver

Upon us is the end of summer – The end of vacations, beach rentals, and sleeping in. However, you and your family may have one last big vacation planned. This one last trip, maybe you want to go in style, you want to WOW everyone, and you and your family could even match you if you wanted. The Inspired Silver collection has everything you could possibly want. Inspired Silver is a very large jewelry organization. They have a wide range of fashion jewelry, and even inspirational and awareness jewelry. They have jewelry that stays easily within every budget. There are so many options to choose from, you will definitely find the perfect style for you here.

For my end of the summer vacation, I want to look better than ever and have some nice jewelry. Whether, I’m laying on the beach or going out to fancy restaurants, I need some new fashion. Inspired silver has an end of the summer sale that everyone is going to love. If I go to the beach on my vacation, I will definitely be getting some jewelry that goes along with the beach. I typed in ‘Beach’ in the search bar and thousands of beautiful pieces came up. The first thing that caught my eye was the ‘Crabby Beach Dangle Earrings’. I also love a great ring! This will be great for the beach, because it’s humorous and it fits the beach scene. Along with my crabby earrings, I’m interested in getting the ‘Red Beach Crab Anklet’ to match. I love anklets, especially on the beach, and it’s great that it will match the earrings. The last thing that caught my eye was ‘Fun at The Beach Double Chain Necklace’. This necklace is beautiful and simple. It’s also very light because the charms are small, which is great for beach time.

When I go out to eat at some beautiful restaurants on my vacation, I defiantly want to look fancy.  A bracelet that caught my eye right away was the ‘Black and White’ bracelet. It’s beautiful in color and it has sparkly crystals, and also has a black floral pattern as well. It’s a perfect and classy jewelry for any evening out. To match that, the ‘Crystal Heart Necklace and Earring Set’ caught my eye. And what’s even better, is that comes in a set! It’s both a necklace and matching earrings. What more could you want! With all these different jewelry styles, these are my must haves for my last summer vacation. I will be looking stylish on the beach, as well as when I’m out to dinner. I can’t wait to let everyone know about Inspired Silver.

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