My Babys Heartbeat Bear Also Has a Vintage Elephant

The Vintage Elephant made the perfect reveal gift to my mom when we found out I was pregnant! There are all sorts of options out there but this was one just made the reveal even more special!

My mom doesn’t live anywhere near us so when we went to her house for dinner we brought our Elephant along with an ultrasound picture so she could see and hear the baby and her heartbeat! When my mom heard the heartbeat coming from the heart attachment and saw her soon to be granddaughter’s first ever picture she and the rest of the family’s hearts began to melt.

This adorable, fluffy elephant now will be the stuffed animal she will sleep with at grandmas house! This will stay on her dresser in her room at grams and will be one of her first best friends until she can hand it down to her daughter!

The heart with the recorded heartbeat stays nice and secure in the Velcro pouch in the back of the elephant, so we never have to worry about it getting lost! As she grows up we can tell her this adorable story of how the family first heard her!

Ultrasounds in general are priceless, but to be able to share the experience of hearing the baby’s heartbeat for the first time makes this joyful time of our lives even better! We recommend this to anyone expecting a baby and can be used in many other circumstances!

Even my 12 year old daughter loves the Heartbeat Elephant – she recently took her on a trip into the mountains and showed her around everywhere we went…

Whether it be revealing your pregnancy, or even as a gift at a baby shower, the Vintage Elephant is an extraordinary item to have during a pregnancy! Thank you Vintage Elephant for being a part of this journey and making my reveal so special! I know we’ll have you forever and you’ll always be a part of our family!! This is the best reveal gift, Christmas gift, and experience anyone could have asked for!  Check out all the other great options from My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear.


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