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DryFins Swimwear – The Answer To Chafing!


Do you ever struggle with bathing suit chafing?  If you haven’t recently, I am sure you have at some point in your life.  We spend a huge portion of our summer in bathing suits – either local ponds after working with the horses, or on weekends when we are camping in Maine with pools and the ocean.

When you spend full days in a damp bathing suit you are bound to occasionally experience chafing.  We always have some sort of chafing relief cream on hand.  But the best solution would be to not suffer the chafing in the first place.  DryFins Swimwear has come up with the perfect solution in boys and mens bathing suits.

The pair we were given to review was a large – which I requested and I will say it does seem larger than a normal large.  Something to keep in mind – my son normally wears a large but I guess he needs a medium.  The string allows us to make it tight enough to stay on though.

Our son is autistic and quite frankly never really brings it to our attention when he is starting to chafe.  It isn’t until he is clearly in pain that we know about it.  Even then he will sometimes deny it so we always try to watch for it.

With the DryFins Swimwear there isn’t a “netting” type of liner.  First of all they have ripped on him in the past and tightened up on him; he has messed up and put both legs into one leg which also becomes far too tight.  I often will let him wear underwear and shorts so we don’t have to deal with that. But with DryFins Swimwear the lining is more of a spandex bike short type of liner.  It is incredibly comfortable for him and not constricting in any way.  It’s main purpose is to prevent chafing and it does that very well.  But it also allows me to not worry about those other concerns.  You would think with a not netting liner the shorts would be too hot but they allow air to flow freely and he says he doesn’t feel too warm at all.

Without a doubt this will be the only brand bathing suit my son will be wearing from now on.  Not to mention the fit is quite stylish and he doesn’t feel like he is compromising in any way – he actually feels quite cool with all his friends.  This suit even has two deep pockets and Anthony LOVES to put stuff in his pockets so this is perfect.

They’re so confident that you won’t chafe while wearing DryFins, that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

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  • Rose Fraser

    So I live in Canada with Canada sizes. My boy is a little chubby. Wears a size boys 10. I don’t want the swim to be too big. Should I order a medium or large. Does the liner have lots of give at legs. His legs are thick. Is there a Canadian site to order from or only US

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