Bouncing Bots Family Board Game #roosterfingames


The Bouncing Bots Game is the perfect addition to our family game night! My family and I couldn’t agree on which game to play this week so we decided to try a new one, making this our new favorite game to play!

As my kids start to get older I worry that one day they won’t want to play a game together as a family anymore.   Now I can relax more knowing that this game will be played for many family game nights!

It has always been a tradition in my family to get together one night a week to play a game and talk about how our week is going.  This tradition goes all the way back to the days when I was very small.  I have fond memories of my grandmother and all her siblings gathered around a huge family table playing games every Saturday night – while all my cousins and I played throughout the house and in the yard.  

My hope for my kids is that they carry on this tradition, and now that they can see that there are many games out there that can be fun like the Bouncing Bots.  I have a very good feeling that they will want to continue this tradition when they have children one day! Not only did this game bring lots of laughter and happiness to our night, but it requires us to think about our next move and is a good refresher to have while the kids are out of school over summer vacation.

One of my kids is autistic and even he could participate in playing this game without any issue.  It is a game that can be played individually or in a group up to 4, which is perfect for my family! It comes with 8 different bots and 2 different platforms to encourage any amount of imagination my son or daughter would like to use.

Besides family game night, my children and husband can play this while they are waiting at home for one another to come home from school/work, they can play it while dinner is being cooked, or just when they need something to do! This game is so useful in my house and I’m so happy we opened up our options and decided to try a new game!

Thank you Bouncing Bots for being the new favorite game to play at family game night!
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