The Car Trash Is Finally Under Control #CarTrash


It is very easy for the trash in a vehicle to get out of control – especially when you have kids.  From my little piece of the world in the driver’s seat I often don’t see what is going on behind me.  A couple days of not seeing what is going on behind me and I fall behind the eight ball with trash piling up in the backseat.

I try to keep grocery store bags (recycle as much as we can) in the back seat and constantly tell them to pull out a bag and put their stuff in it.  Something gets lost in that translation I think – straw wrappers, candy wrappers, toy packaging – all on the floor.

This is the best solution.  It is large enough to last quite a while in the car.  I can still line it with a recycled grocery store bag.  The rubber “flexible” claw helps to keep the trash container in place.  This “claw” wraps around, is anti-slip with spikes.  The kids don’t have to find anything, they don’t have to open anything, they really don’t even have to bend over.  The trash container is well within their reach.  Heck they could even pretend to play basketball with it and their trash.

I am very optimistic that this will solve so many problems.  Who’s with me in the campaign to keep our vehicles clean?  Check out the car trash container on Amazon – don’t settle for anything smaller!


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