The New Way to Stock Your Pantry is Here

In the earlier days, when you shopped in a store, did you stock your pantry one item at a time? No- most people made a list and bought everything on one trip. So why should online shopping be any different. As an Amazon prime member, you can get everything you need to stock your pantry in one go.



Why Should You Shop at the Amazon Prime Pantry?

Before getting into the advantages of shopping with Amazon Pantry, it is important to understand ‘What is Amazon Prime Pantry? The Amazon Prime pantry is akin to a virtual supermarket stocked with everything your home could need. From beauty products and cleaning supplies to groceries, baby care and office supplies, everything you need is right here. In addition to the ease of shopping, Amazon Prime Pantry saves you money on shipping and bulk items.

However, it isn’t the same as shopping with Amazon. When you shop at Amazon, each item is delivered to you individually. With Amazon Prime, everything is delivered together. When you shop at the Pantry, each item you add to your cart is fitted inside a pantry box. Each box can hold up to 45 pounds. Once your box is filled, you can check out and the box will be delivered to your doorstep.

How do You Shop at the Amazon Prime Pantry?

To shop at the Amazon Prime Pantry, you must first be an Amazon Prime member. The Amazon Prime Pantry can be found under the Food and Grocery category. Along with the price of each product in this pantry, you will also see what percentage of space this takes up in your pantry box. This percentage is calculated on the basis of the weight or dimensions of the product. A 6 pack of paper towels may have the same percentage value as 12 cans of soda.  This is because the weight of the soda is equivalent to the space occupied by the paper towels. As you add items to your pantry box, the right sidebar will indicate how much space is still available in your box. You can check out your pantry box once it is full or even if it’s only partially full.

Shipping and the Amazon Pantry Box

One of the ways the Amazon pantry box helps you save money is by cutting down individual shipping fees for each product. Instead, each Amazon pantry box has a shipping fee of only $5.99. By shopping smartly, you could save even more by making your box eligible for free shipping. For this, you must add 5 items that qualify for free shipping to your pantry box.

So, are you ready to shop with at the Amazon Prime Pantry?

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