5 Excellent Reasons to Hold a Company Party

While the main focus is getting work done and making sure customers are happy, choosing to plan special events for the employees and their loved ones is one of the smartest things an employer can do. There are plenty of reasons to hold events that recognize or commemorate something and allow the employees a chance to celebrate. Here are five different occasions that call for holding a special event.



Landing a Major Client


While every new client is a reason to celebrate, there are times when landing a major account should be recognized in a special way. A client who will single-handedly increase the company’s annual net income by a huge percentage is certainly reason enough to plan some type of party. During the event, make sure to recognize the employees who specifically worked on and finally secured that new account.


Reaching a Company Milestone


Milestones occur in the life of a company. Perhaps your business just billed it’s first million dollars since the doors opened. Maybe the billed revenue for last month was the first time you filled a million dollars worth of orders in a single thirty-day period. Even something like generating an annual net profit for the first time since the business opened two years ago would be considered a milestone.


When events like these happen, it’s time to party. Holding some sort of bash lets your employees know how much you appreciate their efforts and how they made it possible to reach this important time in the company’s history. Professionals who specialise in corporate parties  in Toronto can help you come up with a theme that is appropriate for the event, find a venue, and prepare the food and the entertainment. All you have to do is approve the arrangements and enjoy the happy faces of your employees.


Moving to a Larger Facility


Your business has outgrown the original location and will soon be moving to a new and larger one. Now is the time to think about how you will launch the operation in that new facility. One way is to hold a grand opening celebration especially for your employees. Allow them to have the first glimpse of the new location, and ensure there is plenty of food and fun during the event.


Celebrating Another Year of Business


In an age when the business world is constantly shifting and whole industries go under while new ones emerge, making it one more year is quite an achievement. Gather your employees together and hold some type of anniversary or end of the year party to celebrate the fact that the company is still around and likely to be that way for at least a few more years. While no one can predict the future, knowing the business has weathered some bad times and is poised to take on what experts project is the movement of the market for next year is something you want all of your employees to know and to celebrate.


Honoring a Valued Employee


Taking the time to honor a valued employee who is retiring or moving on to other opportunities is important. It’s not just about recognizing the contributions of that person. It’s also letting other employees know that the efforts of each one is recognized. That will go a long way toward making people proud to be part of the organization.


Whatever event is coming up, rest assured that the best party planners will know what needs to be done. Call a professional and discuss the reason for the party, how many will be there, and any special needs that come to mind. It won’t take long for the professional to come up with several approaches to consider.

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